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Coin Operated Stack Washing Machine

The main features of Coin Operated Stack Washing Machine

  • CBlue LCD screen; dialogue interface of human operation; being able to realize Intellectualized operation: automatically pouring water, prewashing, rinsing, bleaching and cleaning.
  • Microprocessor, freely programmable, with 30 kinds of washing programmes available, 5 standard programmes preset. Easy operating.
  • Adopt high quality inner drum of stainless steel, acid and alkali resistance, anti-corrosion, classical appearance, long lifespan.
  • TLarge gate with the control system from Germany greatly improves the safety during using. The washer drum, CNC punch forming high accuracy, precise workmanship, will not do damage to clothes.
  • Automatic feeding system, aerodynamic design, flushes the material completely , without residual.
  • Unique structure of suspension and shake-proof greatly improves the stability of the machines, low noise.
  • The imported precise and durable bearing and framework oil seal assure the liability of rotary precision and airproof, no leakage, so the rate of troubles is greatly reduced.
  • The imported system of frequency conversion is used to assure the minimum and the maximum rotary speed. The high quality inverter system easily realize washing and dehydration frequency step less adjusting. It not only assures the washing quality, but also improves the drying efficiency.
  • Heater of high power makes the temperature rise quickly and improves the efficiency.
  • Large-diameter loading door makes it convenient to load and upload clothes.
  • The circulation function of low temperature and cold wind effectively prevents the crinkling, distorting on clothes and burning when taking clothes out.


The main technical parameter of Coin Operated Stack Washing Machine

Model XGQ 10 XGQ 12
Washing capacity in Kgs 12 12
Inner drum volume in Ltr 100 119
Drying capacity in Kgs 10 12
Inner drum volume in Ltr 123 154
Dryer heater in Hp 6 8
High extract in Rpm 900 900
Motor power in Hp 3 3
Dimension 980 x 920 x 2000 980 x 1040 x 2100
Nett Weight in Kgs 350 400
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