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Dolphin's rinse aid for automatic dish washer

Products Feature

  • Containing spdium oleate, it does not leave any spot or steal and maintains the beautiful shine of dishes.
  • It quickly dries the dishes, hence eliminating the need to wipe the dishes with table cloth and keeping them clean and hygienic.
  • It prevents food poisoning by sterilzing and disinfecting the dishes with high-temperature dry and special sterilizing ingredients.

Dolphin's detergent for automatic dish washer

Product characteristics

  • It washes well not only in soft water but also in hard water.
  • It is excellent in preventing dirt from being re-added the dishes thanks to its strong dose of emulsion dispersant.
  • It is anti-foaming detergents preventing occurrence of scale with in a ish-washer,hence its washing capability is not been undermined by foam and doesn't burden the wash pump.
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