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Nagarjun International Trading Company
4/189 A - Bharathi Nagar(Vidhyalaya),
Palladam Road,
Tirupur-641 605.
E-mail :
Phone: +91 - 421 - 4333009
Mobile No: 09345757898

1877/90, 1st Floor,
Shanthi Nagar,
Delhi - 35.
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Location Phone E-Mail
Chennai, Tamil nadu 093457 57898
Cochin, Kerala 093887 57898
Hydrabad, Andra 090808 44588
Bangalore, Karnataka 090808 45845
Power Laundry Machine
Front Loading Washing Machine Top Loading Washing Machine
Hydro Extractor Non Co - AXIAL
Hydro Extractor Direct Drive Drying Tumbler
Flat Work Ironer - With Heated Chest & Return Feed . Flat Bed Press
Flat Work Ironer - With Heated Chest & Rear Return.
Automatic Power Laundry Machine
Fully Automatic Industrial Washer Extractor Fully Automatic hospital barrier washer extractor
Dryer (Electric heating) Industrial Dehydrator
Industrial flatwork ironing machine
Automatic Folding Machines Form Finisher
Automatic Collar & Cuff Press Legger Press
Mushroom Press Stack Washing
Coin Operated Stack Washing Machine
Dry Cleaning
Dry Cleaning(MTO) Fully Automatic Dry Cleaning Machine
Laundry Finishing Equipments
Vacuum Ironing Table Steam Boiler
Stain Remover Air Compressor
Automatic Dish Washing System
Hood Type Conveyor With Rack System
Automatic Conveyor Dish-Washing System
Automatic Slide Sorting
Laundry Chemicals & Accessories
Laundry Chemicals Laundry Ball
Cloth Trolleys Special Washes for Textile
Chemicals Racks
Napkin Destroyer & Vending
Napkin Destroyer
Napkin Vending Machine