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Automatic Conveyor Dish-Washing System

  • Establishment of automatic dish-washing system.
  • Vertical conveyance of dishes.
  • Speed of the conveyer belt could be adjusted according to work enviroment.
  • Economic exhausting system using a fan eliminates the need to install a saparate hood.
  • Side-type conveyer system that could wash various types of dishes.
  • Compact type for the easy installation even in a small space.
  • Choice between right or left-type installation according to your kitchen structure.
  • First round of rough washing is offered as a basic function.
  • Close wash methods realizes stronger washing power & perfiect rinse power.
  • Dish sorting & loading system is introduced for the first time in india.


Dimensions DS-1S(Stream-type) DS-1G(Gas-type)
Specification 3,700(L)x700(W)x1,500(H)mm
Voltage For the purpose of operation : 220V single phase
Power consumption 11 kw/h 19 kw/h
Wash Tank capacity     120 L x 1
Pump  capacity     1,100 L/min
Tank heating 6,600 kcal/h 6,880 kcal/h
Tank  temperature      60 ~70 c
Rinse Water consumption 720L/h
Rinse heating 54,000 kcal /h 97,500kcal/h
Rinse temperature 80  ~ 85 c
Wash capacity(per hour) TRAY 500 ~ 800 C
(The number could differ depending on dish type)
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