A wet cleaner needs machines that treat clothes with the care that each type of garment deserves that are quick and effective and also minimize energy consumption.The Starfish system allows the wet cleaner to have unheard-of advantages in the laundry market: multiple washing speed programming (up to 6 rotating speeds with just a single motor), integral control of out-of-balances, gradual acceleration and breaking, reduction in noise and vibration, prolonged mechanical life of the washer extractor, maintenance free, etc. The great versatility and programming options of Starfish washer-extractors allow wet cleaners to use Wet-Cleaning processes by adjusting the wash parameters in respect of need, the level of water, the bath temperature and the product dosing. Make good use of the advantages of an efficient and sustainable wash.Starfish has the necessary laundry equipment for guaranteeing the wet cleaner maximum performance and peace of mind knowing that the clients' clothes are in good hands.